Silver Member Benefits

Heres the access you receive as a Silver Package member.

  • Receive all of the benefits from the Bronze Package

  • Access to the silver community where you can chat to other silver members from Netrix.

  • Access to 'The Virtual Magic Club' where you can speak to Craig Petty & other instructors from The Netrix

  • Access to The Maximise success learning content

  • Early access to products

  • Get 15% off Craig Petty products & merch

  • Receive Access to all courses & the sleight school.

  • Receive Beginner to Pro Learning content

  • Early Access & Exclusive Discounts

    Being a silver member brings discount codes on early access products from The Netrix & Magic TV. This includes new magic tricks from Craig Petty & other magicians. You will also receive discounts for Magic tv & Netrix merch.

  • The Virtual Magic Club

    As a silver member you get access to Craig & other instructors every week in the Virtual Magic Club. This is the most exclusive club in magic & you can only get access as a silver Netrix user. The content varies every week & it could be a magic jam, a lecture, sneak peak at unpublished routines, it could even be having your routines appraised by a top creator in magic. The Virtual magic club is the place to be. As an added bonus every week the recordings are added to your email every week, so if you cant make the session then you can always re watch using the link we send to your email!

  • Access To Maximise Success

    Being apart of The Silver Membership gives you the access to our bonus content where we will send you videos on with amazing tips & tricks on how to become an amazing magician, not just being able to perform tricks but how too market yourself & get more gigs. You will have access to content that will help you grow as a magician.

Access To The Community

When you join the silver package you get access to a community with hundreds of members where you can discuss routines, network yourself, enter exclusive giveaways & receive partnership discount codes. You will also get access to the bronze community channel.


Step Inside The Netrix

The Bronze Package

Just starting? The bronze package is our cheapest option & gives you access to all courses & more.

The Gold Package

The gold package is the most exclusive package on The Netrix & is only available to 10 users.