Bronze Member Benefits

Heres what you get access to as a Bronze Member

  • Access to every routine & course on The Netrix. (Excluding any Marketing / Business courses & The Virtual Magic Club)

  • Access to 5 new courses which will be added into Netrix every 2 weeks

  • Join The Bronze Community. The bronze community is a place for all bronze members to sit & chat away about anything magic.

  • Access to the entire Netrix Sleight School. A place where you can learn & expand your knowledge as a magician with hundreds of different sleights

  • Quality Control

    No longer do you have to deal with mediocre magic tricks that are too expensive. With The Netrix you will receive hundreds of routines & courses from some of the most experienced magicians across the globe. All for a flat subscription fee of £15 a month!

  • 5 Courses Added

    Have access to an additional 5 courses that are added every two weeks. These courses can come from different instructors inside The Netrix.

  • Sleight School

    Get access to the Sleight School. Here you can learn hundreds of different sleights that are used in different magic routines. Sleight school allows you to expand your knowledge as a magician & use these to good effect in the real world.

Access To The Community

When you join the bronze package you get access to a community with hundreds of members where you can discuss routines, network yourself & just have some relaxing chats with other magicians.


Step Inside The Netrix

The Silver Package

Get access to everything in the bronze package & much more.

The Gold Package

Get access to everything in the silver package & a lot more. This package is limited to 10 users.