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    Box Clever - Intro

    • Box Clever Intro

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    Box Clever - Set-up

    • Box Clever Set-up

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    Box Clever - Performance

    • Box Clever Performance

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    Box Clever - Explanation

    • Box Clever Explanation

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    Box Clever - After Thoughts

    • Box Clever After Thoughts


  • How difficult is the routine?

    This routine is rated 1.5 out of 5 in difficulty.

  • What sleights are included in the routine?

    Multi Coin French Drop Vanish, Tabled Turnover, In the Hands Turnover & Finger Palm Vanish.


All of our instructors have over 10+ years in magic and are some of the best around.

Netrix CEO

Craig Petty

Known in his magic circles as one of the greatest sleight of hand artists in the UK, and kicked out of the Magic Circle for breaking the code, Craig isn’t what you’d call an ‘average entertainer’. Now a successful businessman, it’s purely coincidental that Craig’s biggest area of expertise is coin manipulation. The art of manipulating coins in fast and skilful flourishes has taken Craig years to perfect and shows the dedication that he and other magicians have in crafting their art. Craig’s skills haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2009 he was described by Magic Week (one of the top magicians’ journals) as the greatest living coin manipulator in Europe! Magic Scene also awarded him the distinction of being "The Performer to Watch in 2009". Craig is currently the co-host of the Wizard Product Review, the largest magic review show in the World. Having created over 30 instructional DVDs on the art of magic, Craig’s tuition has been a huge hit worldwide. Craig has performed for some of the most prestigious and discerning clients in the world. These companies simply wouldn’t accept anything other than the finest quality entertainment.
5 star rating

Box Clever

John Carey

Outstanding commercial routine!!!

Outstanding commercial routine!!!

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