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Course curriculum

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    1 IN 52 - Intro & Set-Up

    • 1 IN 52 Intro & Set-Up

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    1 IN 52 - Performance

    • 1 IN 52 Performance

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    1 IN 52 - Explanation & Afterthoughts

    • 1 IN 52 - Explanation & Afterthoughts


  • How difficult is the routine?

    This routine is rated 2 out of 5 in difficulty.

  • What sleights are included in the routine?

    No Sleights.


All of our instructors have over 10+ years in magic and are some of the best around.

John Carey

Over the last decade John has become one of the top creators of close up magic in the UK. He has published 8 books, released countless DVD Projects and Downloads. He is very prolific however unlike a lot of creators his material is always super practical, workable and entertaining. You will not find an unworkable trick or routine on a John Carey project. Over the last few years John has jet setting throughout the world lecturing in literally dozens on countries and appeared at several high profile conventions. He has successfully made a career out of creating magic.